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Peter Wallace
Chairman & C.E.O
I joined Nature's Own in 1990, because I could see that "Food State" nutrients offered a genuine solution to the "shortage of nutrients in our diet" problem.

Nutrients in a food form (ie Food State) make perfect sense. Isolated nutrients don't make sense.

This shortage of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in our diet is created by a range of issues - single crop farming in over used soil, food processing which refines the goodness from food, and unhealthy food choices.

These all combine to mean many of us have a "nutrition gap" that needs filling, if we wish to optimise our health.

Our goal is to offer you the most effective nutrients that we can - always.

Lorraine Radley
Customer Services & Sales Office Manager
I have been working for Nature's Own since 2002, and the time has flown by!

I started working part time in the sales office, fitting my job around two young children. I now manage a busy, happy and vibrant sales and customer service department full time. I am fortunate to have a great team working with me and the whole company feels like a family.

I am a people person and excellent customer service is very important to me. My background has been in working for independent pharmacies and then Boots, and working within these environments sparked an interest in health and well being, which I have been able to develop further here at Nature's Own.

I enjoy working in our busy environment as it gives me challenges day to day, and a great deal of satisfaction through helping people.

Tracy Grey
Customer Services, Sales & P.A to the C.E.O.
I am early 30s and I live only a few miles from work with my partner Tom and my cat Molly. I have been working for Nature's Own since 2004, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I started with the Despatch team, but (like other employees here) have been given the opportunity to work in other areas of the business, and I now work as part of the Customer Services and Telesales team.

I am very much a ‘people' person, so my position fits my bubbly personality well, while at the same time having the ability to stay calm under pressure.

The caring side of my personality is satisfied by my other job, Charity Co-ordinator. Nature's Own is 100% owned by a charity, and although we don't make a big thing of it, the Company gives a lot of time and energy to charitable projects. For example, through the World Land Trust we save an acre of rainforest every month from deforestation and monitor the rainforest's well-being. We also give to local charities such as children's hospices and animal charities, and although it is a demanding job, it is very rewarding as it gives me a great sense of achievement.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, listening to music and, most of all, visiting my favourite place in the world- Australia.

Chloe Dunn
Customer Services & Sales
I'm Chloe and I'm in my late 20's. I joined the Natures Own Sales and Customer Service team in November 2011 and within a short time, I settled in very well and already feel like a member of the family!

I love working in Customer service as I have the chance to speak to lots of different people and it gives me a sense of achievement from helping them out with their various issues.

I have just recently moved to the area, so in my spare time I'm enjoying exploring the Malvern Hills and local city of Worcester with my boyfriend, Ed.

I am very artistic - I studied Theatrical Make-up at college and I have also designed a range of jewellery, but my new love is restoring antique furniture which I can use in my new home.

Since I started working for Nature's Own I can see the real benefits of food state and wholefood, and take several products myself - my health has never been better!

Joanne Greenwood
Customer Services & Sales
I'm Jo, I joined the sales and customer service team in September 2012. Previously I have worked in a retail environment and therefore have previous sales experience.

Although, I have only worked at Nature's Own a short time, I feel I have fitted in very well and I am enjoying working with the team. I am a bubbly, happy person and hope this is expressed whilst speaking to customers.

While working at Nature's Own I have learnt the importance of nutrition, and the effects it has on us. I take several products myself and can already see the benefits from them!

In my spare time I enjoy learning to cook healthy, nutritious meals and also love reading which I get plenty of practice as I have just moved into my first flat!

Lucy Roberts
Online Marketing & Social Media Co-Ordinator
I joined Nature's Own in January 2007 and since then my passion for nutrition and supplements has gone from strength to strength. I've also studied a course in Swedish Massage, which has helped me explore well-being more in-depth. I love working at Nature's Own and being part of such a vibrant team.

Since having my son in 2010, I now work part time so that I can be a mother whilst still maintaining my career.

I adore cooking and enjoy using local fresh produce, which I usually pick up when visiting the local farm with my son! Nature's Own has helped educate me over a good diet and I like nothing more than preparing a fresh meal to share with family & friends.

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