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Fish Oil High Potency Capsules EPA/DHA

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Fish Oil High Potency Capsules EPA/DHA
Wholefood 60 Capsules

Product Code: C023
Size: 60 Capsules
This is our larger sized bottle comprising 60 high potency fish oil capsules - each give you 550mg EPA/DHA per 1000mg capsule. Our fish oil supplements are guaranteed to be clean, stable & free from pollutants.
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60 high potency fish oil capsules – each give you 550mg EPA/DHA per 1000mg capsule - this is a much higher level of actives than most capsules will give you. Our fish oils are guaranteed to be clean, stable & free from pollutants.

High Potency Fish Oil Supplement

  • Our Fish Oil supplement is ideal for all adults and children over 10 years – in an easy to take gluten-free capsule
  • Our Fish Oil supplement is free from live yeast and GM free
  • Our high potency fish oil capsules give you 550mg EPA/DHA per 1000mg capsule The product is made from whole oily fish: sardine and anchovy
  • We do not use fish livers because oily fish are often harvested from polluted water where heavy metals can accumulate in the liver
  • All fish oil supplements sold by Nature's Own are absolutely clean, stable and have NO trace of any of the ocean pollutants, heavy metals, etc. (Detection is now possible in parts per million)
  • Free from yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, starch, lactose, added colourings, sweeteners and preservatives
  • Free from Genetically Modified Substances
  • Nature's Own was born in 1979; Our most important commitment is to create and sell supplements that are as close to nature as possible

Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) contributes to:

  • The maintenance of normal brain function;
  • The maintenance of normal vision;
  • The maintenance of normal cardiac function;
  • The maintenance of normal blood pressure;
  • The maintenance of normal (fasting) blood concentrations of triglycerides

Nature’s Own Fish Oil capsules come in two sizes – For the smaller size:Fish Oil 1000mg, 30 capsules

The benefits of Fish Oil - Fatty Acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6

The health benefits of oily fish can be mainly attributed to its fatty acid content. There are 2 types of fatty acid: Omega 3 and Omega 6. When we ingest Omega 3 our body breaks the fatty acids down to 2 other fatty acids - Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and these are the components our body uses for many essential activities such as the maintenance of normal vision, normal brain function and the normal function of the heart.

It is now evident that many aspects of our health may be influenced by our intake of these important nutrients, whatever our age. That is why they are now added to baby foods, and why the Government recommends we eat oily fish at least twice a week.

Suggested Intake: 1-2 capsules daily or take as directed by a practitioner.
Suitable for: People with Candida and yeast sensitivities
Not suitable for: People with allergies to fish.
Contraindications: Avoid if there is any deficiency of the liver, or if you are on antithrombotic drugs (e.g Warfarin or Heparin), consult your doctor first, or take no more than 1 capsule daily.
Non-Active Ingredients: Glycerine, gelatin (from BSE-free source).
Non GM & Free From: Wheat; yeast, starch, gluten; lactose; added sugars, colourings, flavourings & preservatives. Guaranteed clean, stable, & free from pollutants.
Storage: Keep cool, dry & out of direct sunlight.

Active Nutrient
Total Omega 3 Content
Total Oil Content
RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
* = No RDA

Ingredients: Fish oil concentrate (from sardine and anchovy), capsule shell (gelatine).

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Good quality supplements.
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Superior quality compared to other brands
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No problems here
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Good to know this is pure.
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pure product
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Another great product. Helps lesson the stiffness of my fingers. Takes 2 does of 3 capsules each day. But works!
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